Counselling for Older People

Can counselling help older people?

It used to be thought that counselling was only effective with young people, but studies have now shown this to be untrue.

From my own experience, older people bring by and large the same issues as younger clients but the context, the span, and perhaps the accumulation of events is different.

What sort of issues can counselling help with?

Bereavement and loss tend to be uppermost in later life.  Loss can take many forms – making the transition from employment to retirement;  loss of a role, such as carer;  re-locating;  selling up and moving into retirement accommodation;  absence of grandchildren.  Bereavement of a close relative or friend can trigger unresolved grief for a previous death.  All of these events and changes can effect us in unexpected ways. Sometimes it is enough to be able to voice the accompanying feelings and emotions with someone trained to listen and who is not connected to either your family and friends or the people around you.  A counsellor cannot alter your situation, but they can help you make sense of it.