About counselling

There are many different approaches to counselling and you may not be sure which suits you best, especially if this is the first time you’ve considered entering into this. That’s OK.  Studies have shown that the most important aspect of any counselling is the quality of relationship between the counsellor and the client (that’s you.)  This is why a first session is typically about getting to know a bit about each other and then deciding jointly whether to embark on a series of counselling sessions.

My approach is “person centered”, which means that I believe everyone has the potential to make positive change to their life, given the opportunity to be heard and supported in making meaning of whatever is distressing them. Exploring issues in this way can be hard work and it is not unusual to feel worse initially. This is normal, especially if this is your first experience of counselling.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long, usually weekly, and there can be as many or as few as needed.